Heated Exchange, Big Victory

The Miami Heat scored a very valuable 97-94 victory over their (only) Eastern Conference rival in the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday night. Miami’s “Big 3″ once again accounted for over 70% of their team’s score as Dwyane Wade led with 32 while LeBron James and Chris Bosh added 32 and 15 respectively.

The victory leveled Miami’s season series with the Pacers at 1-1 and left the entire basketball-loving fraternity circling March 26, 2014 on their calendars for the next contest. Both squads were tense throughout, knowing that they’ll probably face each other in the Eastern Conference Finals later this season. No moreso than during this little exchange between James and point guard Mario Chalmers…

[embedvideo id=”65npUEgXIW0″ website=”youtube”]

As you can see, James apologises eventually, stating that he was at fault, which displays excellent leadership in my book.

As for Chalmers, I’m not sure whether he is crazy, scared or having a mild stroke in this video. He clearly gives no thought to stepping back from the lunging James.


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