Harlem Shake – Miami Heat style

[embedvideo id=”Ir2TdfSwH8g” website=”youtube”]

We’ve all seen the viral video sensation that is the “Harlem Shake” on a number of occasions now with varying levels of success. While some have succeeded to entertain while others have failed miserably, we have a new clubhouse leader thanks to the Miami Heat.

Watch as King James, Super Mario, the Birdman, Cowboy Bosh and many more take the initial prize of completing the NBA’s best (first?) Harlem Shake video.

I think the only two teams that could possibly top Miami’s effort are the Los Angeles Clippers and perhaps the Oklahoma City Thunder. Although anything JaVale McGee does is likely to score highly, so we’ll throw the Denver Nuggets into the mix too.

Who do you want to see emulate the Miami “Harlem Shake” Heat?


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