Grant Hill Retires A Legend

Grant Hill retired this week after nearly 20 years in the NBA. While he may be remembered by some as a player who never got to truly blossom due to injury, we remember (very well) just how good this guy was at playing the game we love.

These videos give you a taste of how special Grant Hill was as a player but growing up in the 90’s provided an amplified experience. It was almost impossible not to be a fan of Hill, his early high-flying days in Detroit were electrifying, while his injury-plagued years in Orlando left most fans eager for a return. The resurrection in Phoenix and subsequent leadership role was a pleasure to watch and even the final swansong with the disorganised Clippers was still a nice goodbye.

Whether you would uncharacteristically drink Sprite instead of Coke or wore what ended up being the only pair of FILA shoes you’d ever own it’s a certainty that Grant Hill was an influence and a role model during the 90’s.

Of course there will be more players with Grant Hill’s skill and athleticism. There will be more players with Grant Hill’s grace and composure. However there probably won’t be another player that is able to put it all together quite the way Grant Hill did. A fierce competitor and a role model to fans and peers alike, Hoop Diary salutes a champion of the game…

Grant Hill, number 33.


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