Don’t panic New York, Lin will remain a Knick

The man who went from his friend’s couch to the bright lights of the Big Apple last season has been offered a four-year $28.8M dollar contract by the Houston Rockets. Jeremy Lin, the feel-good story of the 2011/12 NBA season has signed the offer-sheet presented to him by the Rockets, leaving his New York Knicks three days from July 11th to match or pass.

Having already lost Goran Dragic to free agency and Kyle Lowry via trade, the Rockets are desperate for a point guard.

Been there, done that.

In scouring the Internet one can find many Knicks fans losing their collective minds at Lin’s decision to sign the offer sheet. These people are either crazy or just don’t understand how the NBA (or any pro sport for that matter) works.

Being a “restricted free agent” means that Lin’s current team (New York Knicks) can match any offer made to him in the free agent market. If Lin sits tight and doesn’t entertain any offers, New York can (and would) offer him a lower figure. By signing an offer sheet from another team, Lin is not only testing the waters to see who’s interested but he is also securing his price.

There is absolutely no doubt that New York will match the Houston offer sheet and as such #17 will be back in Madison Square Garden next season.

So don’t believe the hype! Simply buckle up for another season of “Linsanity” in New York City!


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