Derrick Rose – Inspiration

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Yesterday we posted the new LeBron James, fan-inspired Nike commercial. It had a lot of production value, told a great story and showed yet another side of the looming legend known as King James. Today we look at another fan-inspired commercial, this time featuring Derrick Rose and a far simpler approach.

Much like the Nike commercial, this 39 second spot demonstrates some of the hard work that has Rose returning to the NBA hardwood stronger than ever. There are far less cameras involved and much less physical fan involvement, yet it pushes very similar buttons.

Derrick can be seen reading some of the fan mail he has received over the course of his recovery, positive message after positive message. A far cry from some of the slanderous rubbish that athletes often have to put up with via social media, which we all know gets posted for attention’s sake.

The commercial also promotes the all-new Inside Stuff program that debuts on NBA TV, November 2nd.

With a new season just around the corner, it’s nice to be reminded what good old fashioned fan mail with your heroes is all about. If I had written a letter to Michael Jordan or Scottie Pippen when I was a kid, it would have sounded very similar.


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