DeAndre Jaw-Breaker Bullies Orlando

DeAndre Jordan doesn’t always dunk on people and block their shots … but when he does the results are generally EPIC.

Jordan took to the Orlando Magic like a schoolyard bully on Monday night, smashing his way to 14 points, 17 rebounds and a massive eight blocks in a 101-81 victory. The bully analogy is on point as you’ll see from the highlight reel, the Orlando Magic players involved just didn’t stand a chance.

Oh, and the irony of Jordan stealing Glen “Big Baby” Davis’ lunch money is not lost on anyone, I’m sure.

Here is some of the damage…

[embedvideo id=”GOsNO_ni6Kg” website=”youtube”]

[embedvideo id=”0t3AKbJoz3k” website=”youtube”]

[embedvideo id=”R9RAp3_VqE0″ website=”youtube”]



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