Damian Lillard introduces himself

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Drafted sixth overall in last month’s NBA Draft, Damian Lillard certainly announced himself to the league on this play during a Summer League game against the Hawks.

Lillard skies to the hoop in a very “Derrick Rose-like” way and smashes one on Atlanta’s Keith Benson.

Interestingly, the Trail Blazers acquired that number six pick from the Brooklyn Nets in the trade that sent Gerald Wallace packing from Portland earlier this year.

That deal has worked out well for Brooklyn in the short term, securing Wallace’s services for another four years and teaming him up with Deron Williams and Joe Johnson among others. The once-upset Blazer fans will be delighted if Lillard turns into anything remotely like what Derrick Rose has become.

It may just turn out to be a nice trade after all?

This may be a taste of things to come in Portland or it may just be a flash in the pan. One can never be too sure when it comes to NBA Summer League, so a level of restraint is necessary. Either way though, it’s one sweet dunk!


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