Curry Scorches Suns For 36 Points & Win 50

The Warriors once again took care of business on Monday night, brushing aside the Phoenix Suns on the road with a healthy 98-80 victory. The win brought up the Dubs’ 50th win of the season and Steph Curry played a huge part, as always.

Check out Curry’s handiwork, via the ever-awesome @DawkinsMTA.

Steph was cookin’ and this 50th victory of the season feels like just the beginning for these Warriors. As pointed out in this great piece by Adam Lauridsen, the Warriors complete lack of fanfare at the accomplishment, is a welcome surprise.

As the Dubs keep on keepin’ on, they return home on Wednesday to face the never-predictable Detroit Pistons at Oracle Arena. Here’s to the possibility of win number 51 before the lads head off to Denver on Friday the 13th.

Spooky Nuggets.


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