Curry Delivers The Chinese Burn

Playing for the first time in their uniforms commemorating the Chinese New Year, the Warriors shrugged off the San Antonio Spurs in style on Saturday. Steph Curry had quite a few moments that sent the Oracle Arena crowd mental but this one got the loudest ovation.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Chinese Burn” before, where one person (usually a school kid) grabs the arm of another with both hands and rotates their grip in opposite directions, causing the skin to stretch and “burn”. Well, this is the newest incarnation, seen below.

The art of the Chinese Burn was in full effect here, as Steph Curry took Boris Diaw’s lunch and left him clutching an arm in the corridor.

An artist's impression of the devastation caused by Curry's burn of the Spurs.

An artist’s impression of the devastation caused by Curry’s burn of the Spurs.

While the move is sweet and the result deadly, there just may be some larger ramifications to this move and this game in general. The Spurs have owned the Warriors for some time now, winning 53 of their past 61 meetings dating back to 1997. Don’t be shocked if we look back on this game as somewhat of a “changing of the guard” though in season 2014/15.

The Warriors rolled the Spurs in this game with multiple efforts from one of the deepest squads in the league. The Spurs were made to look slow, old and somewhat disorganised and on at least a couple of occasions, frustrated.

Oh, and Steph was deadset on fire … and enjoying himself.

Fun times at Oracle, let’s see where this Chinese Burn takes the Warriors.


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