CRaptors Out, Dubs Roll (45-11)

Finally some relaxing home time to watch the Dubs take on one of the Eastern Conference’s best squads in the Toronto Raptors. Well, that’s how my Saturday was supposed to go, instead I witnessed a massacre!

It was glorious.

From the opening tip until the end of the third period, the Warriors absolutely schooled the Craptors, who barely put up a fight at all. Attacking from inside and out, rebounding ferociously and passing the ball like the Harlem Globetrotters, the Warriors made Toronto look like a Washington Generals D-League affiliate.

To put things in perspective, Toronto shot just 1 of 19 from the field in the opening period. The Warriors shot just over 30% and still held a 27-11 lead after Q1.

The second and third periods got wild though, with the Warriors outscoring the woeful Raptors 71-46. The final period saw some junk time malarkey but the result was never in doubt from half time, with the Dubs eventually prevailing 113-89.

Leading scorers for the Warriors were as follows:

  • Klay Thompson – 25
  • Stephen Curry – 22
  • Draymond Green – 17

Everyone did a job in this game with Marreese Speights shouldering the second unit scoring load during a key stretch in the first half. The Raptors were looking like making some kind of run but within the blink of an eye in the second period the Dubs took control and never looked back.

With large margins of victory, there’s always the chance of someone firing up. Toronto’s Tyler “Psycho T” Hansbrough decided to take a shot at Festus Ezeli and well, it wasn’t epic but they both got escorted to the locker room after being ejected.

A very solid outing againstĀ of one of the East’s best outfits. Granted, the Raptors had a night to forget but it was the men in white, gold and blue who put them in that world of hurt.

Next up on this road trip is the Boston Celtics at the TD Garden on Monday. (AU time)


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