Brotherhood – The History of the Boomers

Every fan of Australian Basketball should watch this hoops documentary by Davin Sgargetta on the history of the Australian Boomers.  Whether you’re old enough to remember the footage shown or young enough that you can embrace a good history lesson, this documentary touches on the pride and brotherhood of Australian basketball and its Olympic representatives.

From the humble days of the 1956 Olympic Games to the gritty, upstart success of the 2K era this documentary features first hand accounts from the likes of Andrew Gaze, Luc Longley, Phil Smyth and Brian Goorjian to name a few.

Running for just a touch under 20 minutes, this short film gives some great insight into the inner workings and success of our Olympic basketball programs.

For the retro fashion-conscious viewer there are plenty of funky uniforms, mullets and ADIDAS low cuts for you to enjoy also.

With such a rich history of hoops entertainment and a following that always refers back to the “glory days” of the 90’s, it would be wonderful to see more and more of this type of work produced.

The task is yours hoops fans! Find a spare 20 minutes, sit back, relax and enjoy this well put together short documentary on the history of the Australian Boomers.

And if you want to see more of this type of production, make sure you comment and share the link for more people to see.


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