Brooklyn Nets – Spectacular Ineptitude

Just another day in the ghetto of the NBA as the Brooklyn Nets’ season of spectacular ineptitude continued on Tuesday night. Trailing the San Antonio Spurs by 21 points as the game came to a close, the Nets decided to simply run out the clock. While the deficit was bad enough, nothing has been ‘simple’ for Brooklyn this season and the problems continued when they chose this late game strategy.

As the buzzer sounded, the Nets left the floor not realising that there were still 0.2 seconds remaining and that they had been called for a shot-clock violation. Thinking the game had concluded, all but a (very small) handful of players had already made their way off court.

The scene just got more and more embarrassing for Brooklyn as the game was unable to continue until they brought players back out and onto the court. All the Spurs wanted to do was inbound the ball and let the remaining 0.2 seconds expire but they were unable to do so, as per league rules.

Eventually Andrei Kirilenko came back out to finish the game and the Nets finally finished 2013 on an embarrassing low.

The smirk on Spurs coach Gregg Popovich’s face throughout the delay says it all really. The Nets are a basketcase and for Jason Kidd’s sake I hope he got some great advice from Pop during the exchange above. Without it, he may not make it to the other side of January.


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