Bronsanity – Chapter II in Cleveland?

LeBron James is still a free agent as this post goes live but for much longer? Seems unlikely. We as hoops fans have all been following the roller coaster that is being dubbed “The Decision – Part II” for days now. Multiple sources, ‘plugged in’ sources, team sources and management sources have all allegedly been throwing their respective two cents’ in and a range of usual suspects in the media have been there to catch what information falls to them.

The two Chris’s were the first (I saw) to start leaning towards the Cavaliers as LeBron’s next stop. Drawing some less than friendly reactions from, well, a lot of people on social media.

As basketball fans we quickly got to (or beyond) the impatient “DO IT ALREADY!” stage regarding James’ free agency decision. LeBron appeared (and still does) to be the first domino that needed to fall in order for multiple other names to change area codes. While the public demanded to have their answers provided, James himself didn’t say a word during this process, which is a far cry from the scene four years ago. While the player has been silent, the media has been far from it, hitting the airwaves with rumor after rumor which has slowly sent Twitter especially, into a tailspin.

The same goes for Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh who are both also weighing up free agency options. Not a word from the players, but plenty of “news” to go around … and plenty of hysteria to follow. Things got really hectic when Kevin Love’s name also started getting thrown around…

If Cleveland do indeed sign LeBron James, they’re going to need to sign others too. Mike Miller has been mentioned, along with Ray Allen and James Jones in what quickly became a tad amusing. “Getting the band back together” was a popular catchphrase on Twitter, seemingly rendering Miami’s “Big 3” as old, forgotten news.

Personally, the sentimental side of me is eagerly awaiting a James returns to Cleveland announcement. I love the “unfinished business” narrative for a start and so will Nike. I also genuinely love the fact that more people will start to appreciate how good James really is, without getting stuck on the negativity associated with his move to Miami.

Much like an optical illusion however, if you stare at Twitter for long enough the picture dramatically changes, within minutes. James has in fact been linked to Cleveland, Miami, Los Angeles (Lakers) and most recently the New York Knicks throughout this “process”. At the time of publication, the two-horse race between his current and former employer is seemingly swinging heavily in Cleveland’s favor and as a fan, I couldn’t be happier.

There’s been so many details to consider throughout. Wade opting out of some hefty dollars, Bosh opting out, Cleveland’s young and inexperienced roster, James’ chance to win in his prime, the way in which Cavs owner Dan Gilbert tried (unsuccessfully) to ether Bron in 2010… the list goes on.

I cannot offer the definitive answer yet but what I can offer is a chance to win a signed LeBron James jersey, if in fact he re-signs with the Heat, via @ernnytheman on Twitter, see below:

Who knows if this fella will actually give up the jersey in the event of a Miami re-signing? As they say, you’ve gotta be in it to win it!

Along with any of the above retweeters, the Cleveland Cavaliers are remaining just as hopeful… and as it seems now, quietly confident.


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