Boston Celtics – Green Fury?

In the nine games since the trade, Boston have compiled a 6-3 record which is not bad considering the shake up but hardly ominous to their opposition. In a landscape that includes the heartless Orlando Magic, the up and coming yet Playoff unproven Bulls and the misfiring Miami Heat, this was a very, very bold move by Celtics management.

Personally I don’t think they have left enough time to gel, and this is not going to go down well with Boston fans.

This same fan base that watched the Celtics suck for 14 years including an agonizing .379 winning record, (if you remove the 2002 Eastern Conference Final team) has kinda got used to winning since their Championship in 2008. Even if the Celtics lose to a heart-breaking Game Seven Lakers or Spurs buzzer beater, there will only one jersey burned in Boston that night, and that’s Danny Ainge’s heralded number 44.

Just as a side note, I believe this is why Brian Scalabrine was shipped out of Boston. Ainge secretly wants his jersey number retired and would rather upset the big redhead 1000 miles away in Chicago than to ask him to change number. But I’m ranting now… back to the show.

Jeff Green is an exceptional talent and with the right mentoring could be an All-Star in this league. Landing in Boston with veteran’s like Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and more importantly Ray Allen will almost guarantee improvement alone. This element is a massive win for Boston. Is Jeff Green a winner though? It’s hard to judge at this point in his career having been part of such a youth movement in Oklahoma, but the question will be asked if his upcoming Playoff performances are poor. Admittedly, if he lands a three point play during any Playoff game and subsequently “shimmys” while sitting on the floor, I will be extremely impressed. Hell, I’m likely to buy his jersey if that happens. As much as he was a douche, I miss Antoine Walker and his retarded antics. There, I got that off my chest and can move on.

Nenad Krstic has performed well since the trade and has especially excelled on the boards. He also looks like Tim McManus from the hit HBO series “Oz”. For this reason alone I kinda like him but only in an “Augustus narrated the whole show from a wheelchair so Paul Pierce fits in this story” kind of way. Regardless, he has some big shoes to fill with Perkins gone and I’m not sure how many of the Celtics roster speaks Serbian.

I sense the Boston faithful are going to be very unhappy come Playoff time, as I’m not sure the Celtics have what it takes to challenge. In fact, I believe their chances were better before the trade.


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