BobHornet Sessions Kills Off LeBron’s MVP Chances

Well, put the red pen down and back away from the LeBron button on your MVP voting tablet. It appears the race to MVP for this season is now over, given that Kevin Durant has scored 50+ three times and James got dunked on by a BobHornet.

Take a look at the footage and judge for yourself.

[embedvideo id=”l9KkZHFsSfE” website=”youtube”]

Seeing as efficiency, dominance, skill, versatility and poise are no longer considered… Bron can simply relax and start planning for a crack at a third straight NBA title.

With thanks to this startling new evidence it’s been proven that Bron simply cannot play defense.

Home court advantage, field goal attempts and 50 point games just aren’t LeBron’s gig this season either so here’s hoping he gets his chance to shine come May/June.


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