Bobcats Out, Hornets In

Image via Getty Images

The Charlotte Bobcats’ proposed name change to the much-loved retrospective “Hornets” now appears to be a lock, with reports suggesting that only formalities are now required. Speculation has been growing since New Orleans traded in the Hornet name in favor of a more regional, bird-like moniker for the upcoming NBA season.

There’s nothing quite like looking backwards to move forwards and in most cases it wouldn’t be an admired move but let’s face it, this is the Charlotte freakin’ Bobcats and any change has to be for the better.

While it’s technically not the same franchise that entertained us with names like Mourning, Johnson, Bogues, Curry and Chapman… it’s still going to be good to see the Hornets back, even if we still have to sit through one more season of Bobcat-ism.


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