Blake Griffin is the Y2K Mailman

Blake Griffin has been on fire lately, scorching the NBA with an array of dunks, rebounds, assists and more surprisingly, mid-range jumpers. Griffin has been putting up Karl Malone like numbers and paid reflex homage to “the Mailman” against the Phoenix Suns with this breakaway dunk.

[embedvideo id=”eT48oCHlCsU” website=”youtube”]



Suns head coach Jeff Hornacek would have had a distinct case of déjà vu as he watched the play unfold. Hornacek played with Malone for over five seasons and would of seen and heard all about these types of two point deliveries.

Here’s the image that would’ve been running through Hornacek’s mind:


Sick, on so many levels. Well played Mr Griffin.

Images via Dime Magazine.


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