Birdman’s Revenge

Yesterday we discussed Paul George’s sensational Game 2 smash over Miami Heat forward Chris “Birdman” Andersen. We also mentioned that Andersen would have plenty of time in this series to get his revenge.

Well, it seems that time has come.

Andersen’s Heat defeated the Indiana Pacers 114-96 in Game 3 in Indiana on Sunday night, taking a 2-1 lead in the series and re-claiming home court advantage. Indiana was lethargic and unable to slow the energetic play of the Miami reserves, especially Andersen and Udonis Haslem.

Check out Andersen’s shot chart for the playoffs to date:

Now drink in the fact that he is 13-for-13 against the Pacers over these first three Conference Final games. Together with Haslem’s 8-for-9 in Game 3, it appears the “Birdman” is well on his way towards exacting his revenge on Paul George.

A trip to the NBA Finals should do it, can the Heat take control of this series with a Game 4 victory? Will Chris Andersen miss a shot in this series? All will be revealed later this week.


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