Beasley and Dragic Signings Get Suns Active

The Phoenix Suns roster looked much like the Arizona desert hours ago. Bare. What a difference a couple of hours makes…

After losing their franchise point guard and future hall of famer Steve Nash to the LA Lakers for future draft picks, the Suns reached a verbal commitment from Michael Beasley that he will sign a three year 18 million dollar deal on the 11th of July.

The combo forward from Kansas who is often in trouble off the court who averaged 11.5 ppg and 4.4 rpg due to injury last season, will most likely see his numbers increase in the fast paced Phoenix offence.

Surprisingly joining him will be Nash’s understudy from seasons past, Goran Dragic.

6’3 point guard Dragic who averaged Career highs in ppg (11.7), apg (5.3) spg (1.3) and mpg (26.5) after starting in place of injured Kyle Lowry showed that he had what it takes to be a starter in the NBA. He now will return to Phoenix a much more accomplished and capable player.

The Houston Rockets are now interested in Jeremy Lin. Again.

After the Suns offered him 32 million over four years, Houston who desperately wanted to re-sign him after his stellar effort late last season have reportedly given up chase because of his high asking price. This has begun a chain of events where the Rockets have now decided to throw their eggs and hopes into the Jeremy Lin basket, reportedly offering a heavily back-ended contract to put the Knicks in heavy luxury tax if they decide to match.

The Suns barren roster as of a few hours ago, is now showing some signs of life.

But is it just a mirage?