BBVA Rising Stars – Rising Effortlessly

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The BBVA Rising Stars Game wasn’t exactly edge-of-your-seat stuff but it did provide an slither of entertainment in the final 10 minutes. Team Chuck, who were widely considered to be the weaker team on paper won convincingly, handing Team Shaq a 163-135 beat down.

Cleveland Cavalier Kyrie Irving put on a dribbling exhibition in the latter stages of the contest, (VIDEO ABOVE) putting Detroit Piston Brandon Knight in a blender on more than one occasion. Knight picked himself up though and went right back at Irving with a couple of killer crossovers of his own but was unable to finish on most occasions.

While the box score reads like a video game, the actual contest itself was slow and effortless for the most part. With $25,000 on offer for each winning player, one would have thought the competitive energy output would have been higher. That being said, $25,000 is a nice new watch for some of these guys.

Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried of Team Chuck took home the MVP Award with a solid 40 points and 10 rebounds. He also took part in an impromptu dunk contest in the dying moments of the game. Faried was one of the only players to compete hard during this game, even drawing criticism from some social media users for playing too much defense. Simply put, Faried only has one gear and that’s full speed ahead. He was fun to watch and there’s no doubt the fans appreciated his effort.

Overall, the game was slow and lacking any real excitement for the first 30 minutes. While some individual exploits were fun to watch such as Team Chuck’s 17 of 32 from the arc, the lack of energy really hurt the overall production. Some might say this is okay as it’s “just an All Star Game” but a distinct lack of effort from guys being marketed as rising stars and/or the future of the NBA wouldn’t exactly be league pleasing in my opinion.

A decent warm up to All Star Saturday but hardly as exciting as the build up suggested.

Bring on the Dunk Contest and Three-point Shootout which look certain to live up to the hype.

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