Aussie Bogut Survives Violent Melee

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In what can only be described as toughness personified, Aussie Andrew Bogut took a throat-butt in the elbow from Portland Trailblazer Joel Freeland during a 113-101 loss on Saturday night and somehow remained standing¬†. In a further testament to his toughness and keeping his ruthless reputation alive, Bogut then took yet another shot in the right hand from Mo’ Williams’ chest.



Players from both teams flooded in to remonstrate as Bogut shook off the unprovoked attack.

After the game, Bogut was asked about the altercation to which he responded “You guys can write about that”.


We wish our brave Aussie “Bogues” a speedy recovery and look forward to the next Warriors vs. Blazers game. I mean, look at him… he’s harmless.


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