Andrew Bogut – Sleeping (Comedy) Giant

Well, we all saw the recent Warriors victory flight video where Andrew Bogut, according to way too many people on social media, was “passed out” during the celebrations. Well, after giving it to a few “journos” via Twitter the Bogeyman decided to take another light-hearted approach to the situation.

Brilliant, well except maybe for the sweat patches… but the big fella addresses that in another tweet.

Comedy gold.

It’s good to see Bogut relaxing and in good spirits as the All Star break approaches. The Warriors are 42-9 and sitting four games clear of Memphis to top the ultra competitive Western Conference. And if that’s not a good enough start for you, with a loss to Boston today, the Atlanta Hawks have fallen behind Golden State yet again leaving Dub Nation perched ever-so-happily on top with the league’s best overall record.

A perfect start to a hopefully perfect season.


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