Andrew Bogut – Left Hand Free Throw-erer?

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and I think we can all agree that it has merit. On the flipside, if something is in fact broken, why not do something to remedy the situation?

It appears Aussie big man Andrew Bogut is of the same opinion as he looks at new ways to make improvements on his low free throw shooting percentage.


Andrew Bogut shoote les lancers francs main gauche by BasketInfos

Ever since his right elbow injury in 2010, Bogut had considered switching things up and taking his free throws left handed. He has been quoted in the past saying he’s comfortable shooting with his off-hand.

During this preseason, Bogut has indeed been seen shooting free throws with his left hand.


In an interview on KNBR 680 with Bob Fitzgerald and Rod Brooks, Bogut talked about the change.

“I’ve done that my whole career, I mean I like to shoot with my left a little bit. It’s more so to just keep touch,” Bogut said, “Its obviously not a strength of mine, but I’m working at it every day.

“That’s the biggest thing. It’s more just getting to the line and being confident with it.”

While the two shots seen in this video weren’t successful, it stands to reason that Bogues would try something different. He is a career .562 shooter from the charity stripe and dipped to .344 last season with the Warriors.

Here’s hoping he shines up that left cannon and pushes his number back up above 60% for the fourth time in his nine year career.

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