Andrew Bogut, Andrew Gaze & The Fanshake

A fun initiative created by Australia’s NAB bank is the “Fanshake“. Before we get started on what this recently meant for Warriors Center Andrew Bogut, here is the definition of a Fanshake:

“A Fanshake is a cast-iron agreement between rival footy fans. You back your team against a mate’s team and both of you pledge to do something good for the game if you lose. Too easy!”

The idea of this initiative is simple. It’s a soft-core way of betting on things while not losing your rent money or entire pay cheque. It’s cute and well, it’s a lot more fun when we concentrate on the community-oriented pledges that are created as a result of the Fanshake.

Andrew Bogut recently “Fanshook” on an AFL game between his beloved Essendon Bombers when they faced Hawthorn, the team of Aussie basketball legend Andrew Gaze.

Gazey’s Hawks took out the contest and as such, the Bogeyman had to pay up. Here’s how it went down.

Some interesting insights from Bogues, especially regarding an ex-teammate who lacked a little professionalism and found himself jettisoned back to Europe. Might be this guy?

The Fanshake is simple and it appears to be a lot of fun. All in all, a great initiative from NAB and a great way for Bogut to re-connect with the community while he’s in town.



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