Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

The Philadelphia 76ers have signed Kwame Brown to a two-year, $6 million dollar deal to play basketball for them this season. Just when one thought the league had passed the big fella by, another team swoops in to fund Brown’s retirement nest egg.

Amazingly, Brown has managed to earn over $55 million dollars since being drafted first overall by Washington in the 2001 draft. He has played for six other franchises before joining Philadelphia averaging 6.8 points and 5.6 rebounds per game. While often referred to as a “bust”, teams continue to sign him to multi-million dollar deals.

Sixers fans must be wondering what’s hit them as in the space of a few short weeks they’ve gone from enjoying a healthy playoff run to reading the following list:

  • Elton Brand gone. (Amnestied)
  • Lou Williams gone. (Signed with Atlanta)
  • Spencer Hawes retained. (two-years, $13.1 million)
  • Kwame Brown signed. (two-years, $6 million)

Hawes in particular has been a target of much criticism from fans, with his inability to finish inside among other things. Pairing him with Brown hasn’t exactly pleased the Sixer faithful. One doesn’t have to look too far on Twitter to see the negative reactions.

There are some positives for Philadelphia however with Dorell Wright and Nick Young joining the squad. There will likely be another move in the works, with the ever-tradeable Andre Iguodala still being talked about. Both Young and Wright provide much needed wing scoring and will be called on to perform at a high level straight away. Their roles with Philadelphia will differ from those they’ve both held in the past.

Wherever the chips fall, it seems there are always money available in the NBA. The Sixers are certainly not afraid to hand some out. Let’s see if Kwame Brown (among others) can truly earn that payment this season.


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