Hoop Diary was established in 2011.

The main purpose of this blogĀ has always been to entertain basketball fans while keeping them informed of (some) current NBA issues. It’s a place to visit if you want a mix of news, highlights, (mild) analysis and of course some light-hearted NBA-related fun.

Writers have come and gone over the journey and the website has had numerous looks over its lifespan. Hendo maintains the site on a regular basis and is always open to new ideas and contributions from others. Collaboration is the best part about being a fan/blogger.

Bakes is a semi-silent partner in this venture. He doesn’t rant and rave on Twitter every other minute like Hendo but he does appear on the Hoop Diary podcast. (when it’s in operation)

Hoop Diary just just as much a slave to social media as you are. As a result, we are also available via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, Bakes brought you this classic little League Pass rip:

[embedvideo id=”7G9yS2-x5sA” website=”youtube”]

You’re welcome.

We hope you enjoy your stay. Please feel free to share any content or simply trash the shit out of it if you don’t agree with our viewpoints. The NBA is not here for our enjoyment, it’s clearly here for fans to argue about.