A Tale of 12 Gross Minutes In LA

In a new low for New York Knicks fans this season, they can now add “gave up 51 points in a quarter to the Lost Angeles Lakers” to their long list of 2014 woe.

Check the video, where you will see almost zero defense from New York, and I mean ZERO. Furthermore, they somehow managed to make Chris Kaman resemble the great Doctor J and Jordan Hill swoop to the hoop like the Iceman George Gervin.

[embedvideo id=”JZNAgsRkdyo” website=”youtube”]

This is just awful no matter who you follow in the NBA.

Obviously if you’re a Knicks fan, you’re probably physically ill again by now so I’ll stop talking about you. If you’re a Laker fan you actually don’t really need this so late in a tank season, and finally if you follow any other team then you are probably equal parts repulsed at the defensive effort in general…

… and of course the predictable Laker fan reaction, talking up next season off of this isolated 12 minutes of Staples Center “glory”.

Horrible times all round.


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