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2014 Playoff Predictions – First Round Western Conference

2014 Playoff Predictions – First Round Western Conference

With the 2014 NBA Playoffs about to commence, we thought we’d grab some first round predictions from some of our NBA-loving pals. Feel free to scroll through each match-up and assess each person’s respective picks.

While Bakes, Mitch and I have made our predictions, we’re measuring up next to the following friends of Hoop Diary:

Let’s kick off with the Western Conference. We’ll publish the Eastern Conference in a separate post.

1- San Antonio vs. 8- Dallas

  • Hendo – San Antonio in 5
  • Bakes – San Antonio in 5
  • Mitch – San Antonio in 5
  • Nick – San Antonio in 5
  • Steve – San Antonio in 5
  • Tom – San Antonio in 5
  • Benyam – San Antonio in 5
  • Adam – San Antonio in 5
  • Brendan – San Antonio in 5
  • Greg – San Antonio in 5

Here is an artist’s impression of everyone’s collective picks.


Well, that confirms it, all we need now is a $50 note and a sports betting account. Seemingly easy money.

4- Houston vs. 5- Portland

  • Hendo – Houston in 6
  • Bakes – Houston in 5
  • Mitch – Houston in 6
  • Nick – Houston in 6
  • Steve – Houston in 7
  • Tom – Houston in 7
  • Benyam – Houston in 6
  • Adam – Houston in 6
  • Brendan – Houston in 7
  • Greg – Houston in 7

It’s surprising to see that no one is willing to give the Portland Trailblazers the “W” in this series. There are a few seven game predictions in the list though whereas Bakes has the Rockets taking care of business in just five games. Damian Lillard is watching you, Bakes.


2- Oklahoma City vs. 7- Memphis

  • Hendo – Oklahoma City in 7
  • Bakes – Oklahoma City in 6
  • Mitch – Oklahoma City in 5
  • Nick – Oklahoma City in 7
  • Steve – Oklahoma City in 7
  • Tom – Oklahoma City in 6
  • Benyam – Oklahoma City in 6
  • Adam – Oklahoma City in 6
  • Brendan – Oklahoma City in 5
  • Greg – Oklahoma City in 6

This one is a little more understandable as a lot of people have the Thunder rolling deep into the post-season. Memphis are extremely tough though, which is why everyone has picked them to win at least a game or two.

This hilarious image of Marc Gasol may or may not be a factor in this series.

 (Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images)

3- LA Clippers vs. 6- Golden State

  • Hendo – LA Clippers in 5
  • Bakes – LA Clippers in 5
  • Mitch – LA Clippers in 4
  • Nick – LA Clippers in 6
  • Steve – LA Clippers in 5
  • Tom – LA Clippers in 4
  • Benyam – LA Clippers in 5
  • Adam – LA Clippers in 6
  • Brendan – LA Clippers in 5
  • Greg – LA Clippers in 6

With the rib injury to Aussie big man Andrew Bogut, everyone is keen to pencil in the Clippers for Round Two, some even in a sweep! If there’s one guarantee from this series however, it’s that we will all be thoroughly entertained. Bring it on!

There’s the picks for the West, who do you think has it right? East picks coming up soon.

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