2013 NBA Playoffs – Day 3

We’re only up to Day 3 of the NBA Playoffs and there’s already drama galore as two first round match-ups moved into Game 2 mode today.

4 – Brooklyn vs. 5 – Chicago (Chicago wins 90-82 to tie series 1-1)

I did say the Bulls would struggle without Noah, right? Well, the big fella played and notched a very handy double-double (11p, 10r) in Chicago’s cheeky Game 2 victory today at Barclays Center. If this series somehow goes seven games, I’m not sure what it will speak to more…

Coach Thibs’ ability to get something out of very little, or Brooklyn’s ability to get so little out of what they have.

The landscape can change very quickly in the playoffs and as good as Deron Williams and  Co. looked just two days ago, they somehow managed to “Space Jam” their way to ineptitude in this one, giving up home court advantage. Nets’ leaders Williams, Gerald Wallace and Joe Johnson combined to shoot 8/34 from the field, hardly shooting any lights out and seemingly embracing their blackout theme from Game 1.

An artist’s impression of one of the prettier Brooklyn offensive sets from Game 2.

In simple terms, the Brooklyn Nets gave up home court advantage, failed to nut-punch an inferior opponent’s collective will, allowed a one-legged man to secure a double-double and left arena management wondering whether or not to re-apply the three-point arc for Game 5. (Brooklyn shot 4/21 from downtown)

With renewed hope in Chicago and a packed United Center crowd waiting, this one could now go anywhere.

4 – LA Clippers vs. 5 – Memphis (LA Clippers win 93-91 and lead series 2-0)

[embedvideo id=”tVnFwroZTTc” website=”youtube”]

Behold the all-conquering Chris Paul.

The final play of this game is pure point guard mastery. The way CP3 creates separation on the final drive is pure perfection as he welcomes the physicality from Tony Allen and then uses it to deliver the winning basket with no time remaining for Memphis to counter.

Some will say Paul pushed off illegally, which will happen right before I tell them that they are also delusional.

The Grizzlies won’t be too concerned with this loss as their performance was much improved from Game 1 and they missed a lot of free throws in this one. They will be confident in holding serve for their two games at home however there’s no denying the cloud of urgency that now hangs over Game 3.

Will the Grizzlies reclaim some series momentum or will the Clippers step on the throat of the bear and take a 3-0 lead?

Playoffs, good times.


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