2010 Christmas Hamper!

Anyone with access to a television will get something wonderful for Christmas this year with five NBA games scheduled! With all of the trimmings, this Christmas hamper is full of the best that Christmas could offer. Plenty of big names and plenty of meaningful games. Let’s take a look.

Game 1: Chicago @ New York

This should kick things off nicely as the 18-9 Bulls and 17-12 Knicks square off at Madison Square Garden. Both teams will be fired up for this game as it has National spotlight and all the undertones of a mid-90’s battle. The Knicks have been playing some great Basketball lately and have climbed into 6th place in the East. If they can survive the thin air at that altitude, then travelling to Denver will be effortless. Hell, playing on the moon has more oxygen than what the Knicks are used to with regards to standings.

The Chicago Bulls are seeing the benefits of Carlos Boozer over the past couple of weeks and have strung together 9 wins in their past 10 games. This will be a great test for this team and I’m super keen to see Derrick Rose turn it on at the Garden. Prediction: Bulls by 6.

Game 2: Boston @ Orlando

This will be the game of the day in my opinion. The Boston Experiment rolls on as they face the now supposedly red hot Orlando Magic. Personally, I think the Magic have got a lot more work to do before they can consider themselves back in the hunt for a Championship. Any time you move 4 integral pieces of your chemistry puzzle, you always experience down time. But if they can hit 25 three-balls, they’ll win comfortably.

The Celtics have too much law, order and wisdom to drop this game. Prediction: Celtics by 9.

Game 3: Miami @ Los Angeles

Well, predictably this is the second most over-hyped Basketball game in NBA history. Third place goes to last year’s Cleveland @ LA game and the winner was definitely the Miami @ LA game in 2006 that was clearly more about Shaq vs Kobe.

On current form I see no chance for the Lakers in this contest. The Heat are clicking in to gear nicely and really playing some good, team Basketball. With the Lakers inability to stop quick guards, I see this as a potential coming out party for Mario Chalmers. Expect the regular names to dominate but don’t be shocked when Mario racks up a 24 point, 12 assist night. Prediction: Heat by 15.

Game 4: Denver @ Oklahoma City

Ring the bell! This could be the highest scoring game this season whether Carmelo Anthony plays or not. I will go on record here to say that I anticipate little to no defense, about 20 three-balls between the two teams and somehow only a 4-6 point final margin.

Oklahoma have certainly not performed well so far as the “hunted” rather than “hunters” this season. This game certainly provides them with an opportunity to get back on track heading into 2011. While a lot of people roll into their favorite chair to sleep off too much Christmas lunch, they may miss a shoot out. Denver are sitting in their familiar 6th place in the West but are 5-5 in their last 10. This game is key for them, and a big road win on Christmas Day will serve them extremely well. Prediction: Thunder by 4.

Game 5: Portland @ Golden State

A lot of people will consider this to be the least interesting game of the day but I certainly disagree. With the Blazers current woes regarding the Brandon Roy vs Andre Miller saga, the good thing about this game is the likelihood of an estrogen-fueled brawl between the two at a timeout. Add to this the sudden likelihood of extra minutes to brawlnball favorite Patty Mills and we’re good to go. The Warriors have predictably been plodding along with proud mediocrity this season and are again looking to pick up a nice lottery pick. Watching Warriors games lately has found me reaching so hard for entertainment it’s ridiculous. The most fun things to watch?

Monta Ellis’ teammates NEVER expect him to pass and when he does, the ball sails out of bounds.

David Lee’s arm may just fall off at any moment. That dude is tough.

Dorell Wright is shooting really well and I’m happy for him and his opportunity as I liked him at Miami.

So there you have it, a little bit for everyone in this one and my Prediction: Blazers by 7.

Big day, big games. I’m looking forward to watching them all and then somehow functioning tomorrow. Oh well, it happens but once a year.

Merry Christmas, and enjoy.


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